Eye Contact + Monkey Humpers = Awkward

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May 9, 2018
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May 9, 2018

Eye Contact + Monkey Humpers = Awkward

  • When: 05/05/2018
  • Q: Thunderstruck
  • Pax: Anchorman, Magnolia, Monarch, Marley, Free Bird & 2.0, Noah,

7 pax + one 2.0 met on a surprisingly humid morning to sweat it out on the bank and try a few new moves.  One thing we learned for sure at this workout is that maintaining eye contact during monkey humpers is awkward!  Here’s what went down….

WU: jog in place, high knees, butt kickers, cherry pickers front/back (IC), cherry pickers right/left (IC), arm circles forward/back, overhead claps (IC).  Jog (unless you are carrying the baby carrier) to the amphitheater across the park.

The Thang:

A set of exercises were laid out across the top of the hill and a set at the bottom of the hill.  Run to top of hill and do 20 reps of one exercise.  Run to bottom of hill and do 20 reps of one exercise.  Repeat till all exercises have been completed.  Two circuits.

Circuit 1 Exercises: Plank up downs, Glute Bridges, Mountain Climbers, Carolina Dry Docks, Calf Raises, Dips, Plie Squats, Monkey Humpers.

Run lap around the amphitheater.

Circuit 2 Exercises:  Jump squats, Supermans, Donkey kicks, Lunges, Push Ups, Plank Jacks, Tricep Push Ups, Shoulder Taps.

Jog to playground.

Pax completed a raccoon crawl on the playground half wall.

Jog to the small playground at the end of the park.

Complete as many full pull ups as possible.  Partner assist if needed.


Pax lined up in plank shoulder to shoulder.  Person at end of the line belly crawl under the plank line.  When person crawling under came through plank person would dolphin plank till she passed.

Seal sit ups x15

COT: Free Bird talked about some recent health tests she had the past week.  Reminder for Run For Holland 5K/10K on 5/26/18.  Reminder for FiA Ruck event in NE TN.  Prayer.




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