Southside Ladder
July 9, 2019
Arms and Abs
July 9, 2019

Escalator B.L.I.M.P.S

  • When: 07/09/2019
  • Q: Cobbler
  • Pax: Grubs, Hott Mama, Monarch, Little Spur, Angler, Gypsy, Bolt, Eeyore, Dos equis, FNG Nikki (Alpha), FNG Susan (Magellan)

Conditions: 90degrees, 93% humidity


Warm up:

Butt Kickers x 30sec

SSHx10 IC  – Q had trouble with cadence  – so did everyone else

TTTx 10 IC

Mosey towards Deboise Park

Thang: Escalator B.L.I.M.P.S

Use acronym to organize excersizes with escalating by counts of 5 followed by a lap (.10mi) around the park in between

B – Burpees x 5 – Lap

L – LBCsx 10 – Lap

I – Iron Mikes x 15 – Lap

M – Monkey Humpers x 20 – Lap

P – Plank Jacks x 25 – Lap

S – smurf jacks x 30 – Lap

When all acronyms are complete – take the escalator back down until time complete

Mosey back to Yard for COT


*working on getting social chair selected – any volunteers to lead this effort? Happy Hour each month?

*BB are up and running, I will get eveyone entered by end of day

*encourage others to come back if they’ve fallen off and bring a FNG – Lets share the LOVE!


*Being out all last week was tough on this Q! I’m jealous I missed some great workouts, but glad to be back in the grind!

*If your on the fence about Q’ing – take the leap – Its the best part


Thanks everyone! See you Thursday!

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  1. Shannon Cloy says:

    I didn’t realize i too had an issue with cadence counting…. glass shattering moment, thanks Cobbler…
    also, glutes still feelin’ those Iron Mikes. 😉

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