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February 6, 2019
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February 6, 2019

Eagle’s Nest Backblast – Counting and Celebrating

  • When: 02/06/2019
  • Q: Wonder Woman
  • Pax: Queso, Diego, Sunflower, Kai Lan, Shabby Chic, Jazz Hands, Incognito, Double Trouble, Sing-a-long, Goldie, Survivor, Barn Owl, Pulse, Wilbur, Big Burrito, WW

We had a big group this morning to enjoy the 50 degree Feb morning and celebrate Kai Lan’s 43rd birthday! I warned there would be birthday burpees and everyone showed up anyways. #winning

after we warmed up (and did 3 burpees), we did an Indian run around the track. Then we did the following:

jog to wall on side of school:
50 sec wall sit
40 jumping jacks
30 tricep dips
20 sumo squats
10 burpees

skip to front of school:
50 sec decline plank
40 step ups
30 incline push-ups
20 plank shoulder taps
10 burpees

side shuffle to side of school:
50 sec reverse plank
40 flutter kicks
30 carolina dry docks
20 skaters
10 burpees

shuffle back to front of school:
50 sec side plank (each side)
40 russian twists
30 hip bridge
20 star jumps
10 burpees

jog back to side of school and finish up with 43 lunges on each leg and 43 squats.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAI LAN!!! You are a true testament to what FiA is all about and I am blessed to know you.


  1. Kai-Lan says:

    Thanks for the sweet words, WW! Feelings are mutual for sure! You are right – I’m almost positive no one believed that I was turning 25 *sigh*, so they know it would be many more and yet birthday burpees deterred NO ONE!! Gotta love this ever growing and committed S.CLT PAX!!!

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