Foxtrot PB: Run, FiA, Run!
March 3, 2018
3/3 Billy Joel BB: Cavi, get the orange dress.
March 3, 2018

Dozen Four Corners

  • When: 03/03/2018
  • Q: TInker
  • Pax: Teatree (Respect), Van Gogh (Respect), Dewey

March is definitely coming in like a lion – 36 degrees & windy. According to Van Gogh, it felt like 20-something. PAX kept things moving in order to stay warm.

After a WU jog from the senior center to the field, we did 15 JJ IC, 15 windmills IC, 15 imperial walkers IC & arm circles (forward/backward/big/little). Then we jogged over to the creek bed to get a medium-sized rock for our first four corners.

The Thang: We did a series of three different four corners. The first focused on arms: 20 rock rows / 20 bicep curls / 20 shoulder taps / 20 tricep extensions. Between corners (set up as a square), we jogged with our rocks. At the end of the round, we did 30 seconds of toe taps to give our arms a breather. Next round was 15 reps at each corners; 10 reps; and then 5 reps. We put our rocks back and jogged over to the parking lot by the ropes course for the next four corners. Q was considerate enough to take the wrong path in the woods in order to show Teatree the actual ropes course:-)

Next four corners (rectangle shape) focused on legs. We went down in the same increments (20/15/10/5) and did these four exercises: skaters / squats / Tae Bo kicks / monkey humpers. Between corners, we side-shuffled the short lengths and alternated between sprinting & back-pedaling on the long lengths. Q was originally going to call out increments of 40/30/20/10 but smartly lowered the numbers. Whew! Between rounds, we did 30 sec planks.

PAX jogged back to the senior center parking lot for the last four corners. Time for ABS! We started out with the intention of doing 20/15/10/5, but time was running out! We managed to squeeze in a round of 20 and 5 reps at each corner. First corner: elbow plank and alternate knee to elbow. Second corner: lay on back, cross one leg over in a figure four, with hands behind head, bring opposite elbow over to knee. Third corner: switch sides from the second corner. Fourth corner: box cutters. Between corners, we alternated bear crawling and crab walking.

Thanks for joining me this morning, ladies! I really enjoyed leading this workout. 4 corners X’s 3 different sets = a dozen! And speaking of a dozen, shout-out to Teatree for doing the entire workout with the addition of a 12 pound vest (double respect!). Let us know how you feel tomorrow!

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