Four’s a Crowd
September 21, 2018
Disney Style FIA workout
September 22, 2018

Dora Goes to the Zoo

  • When: 09/22/2018
  • Q: Bruiser
  • Pax: Stride, Zen, Abuela, Juicy, Sharkbait, Alto


Warmup: Cherry pickers, seal claps, shoulder press, TTT, Toy Soldiers, Hip rolls, hamstring stretch

The Thang:

P1                                                                 P2

50 Mountain climber merkin               Gorilla Burp (Burpee then gorilla walk)

100 Big Girls                                            Bear crawl

150 Switch Lunges                                 Crab walk

200 Russian Twists                               Suicides


Ring of Fire: Monkey Butthumpers 2 times


Sally: Leg lifts

Happy: Shoulder taps, side lunges

Cool down/Dynamic stretches


Prayer requests: Abuela grandkids injury, those impacted by the hurricane


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