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February 20, 2018
Dirty Thirty
February 20, 2018

Dora Dora Dora…

  • When: 02/03/2018
  • Q: G.I.Jane
  • Pax: Peaches, Passport, Bookie, Buckeye, Mama Bear, Coach, Nomad, Jewels, Merlot, Double Trouble, 1 FNG Lizbette (FiA Name: 007)


Warm up 

BAC – forward 

BAC – backward 

High Knees 


The Thang: Morning at Riveter Station 

On this beautifully cold East Tennessee morning we were proud to host 007 from Knoxville and support her efforts to start a FiA there. We decided to show her one of our favorites from our launch weeks – a build a burpee Dora. We did 100 push ups, 200 plank jacks, 300 squats. We alternated partners. One would run approximately 2 blocks while the partner did the exercises and then they switched until the count was finished.

After the Dora exercise, we did a getting to know you exercise with the Vortex. We stood in a circle and then ran in the circle. The Q called out something and if a PAX member had done that thing then they went in the center and did 3 burpees. This was a fun way to get to know the PAX. Warning though – prepare your calls ahead of time. When people do this off the top of their head it can get feisty.

Finally, we finished with a few ab exercises in the final minutes after a failed Sally attempt.


COT/Thoughts & Prayers for the day 

Good luck to 007 as she tries to get Knoxville off the ground.

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