Rain? What Rain?
May 19, 2018
No drama with this Llama!
May 19, 2018

Dirty Dozen

  • When: 05/19/2018
  • Q: Triple Crown
  • Pax: The U, Triple Crown

Great way to ease back into Qing, with a small group, on a muggy morning, with the dirty dozen.

Warm up: 12 of each in cadence; Butt Kickers, cherry pickers, jumping jacks

Run to wall lot

12 of each of the 12 exercises: squats, push ups, jumping jacks, bicycles, inch worm, skater hops, burpees, jump squats, forward lunges, plank shoulder taps, curb toe taps, mountain climbers

1 minute wall sit

Repeat above dirty dozen exercises

1 minute wall sit

Run to benches for Abs: Write FiA name with legs, elbow to knee plank, side plank

Run to circle and stretch

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