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October 9, 2018
AMRAP Accumulator
October 9, 2018

Deck of Death!

  • When: 10/06/2018
  • Q: Titanium
  • Pax: Hermione, Queso, Turkey Trot, Anne Baker (FNG) - Comeback, Denise Deitchman (FNG) - Jeter, Titanium

After a trial run on the beach during an “F3iA”, I figured our strong pax could handle the new F3 Workout Deck of cards (aka: Deck of Death). Of course, no one else knew what they were in for…

We showed up with mats, weights, music and the deck – plus a listing of the F3 card lexicon for those strange sayings we don’t use!  This was a challenging HIIT beatdown and everyone was a champion!  There were plenty of groans (Hermione on the Tricep Extensions), mumble chatter, excellent forms (just watch Jeter on those pushups!), and Comeback radiated positiveness.  Queso, of course, pushed the challenges by increasing weight and Turkey Trot sprinted every run.

The Thang:

Each suit is a different type of exercise: clubs are core, hearts are cardio, spades are legs, and diamonds are upper body.  Since we are FiA and use weights (from 5-12 lb dumbbell sets), we changed some of the Merkins to arm exercises with weights.  For cards 2-9, we added 10 to increase the number of reps; royals are 25 reps (except for burpees which I changed to 10 because, hey, I’m the Q); Aces are 100 (didn’t everyone love 100 calf raises the next day?).

We made it through most of the deck and knew we had worked out when we finished!  Sore bodies the next couple of days told us that we had pushed some boundaries – always a good thing!  Expect to see this deck again…


Matthew 4:18-20 recounts Jesus calling the first 4 disciples.  The part that challenges me is that Peter and Andrew “left their nets at once and followed him” while James and John “immediately followed him, leaving the boat and their father behind”.  How often am I presented with an opportunity to follow Jesus, share with someone, care for someone and I don’t respond immediately?  Just like the F3 deck and my physical challenge, this reminder challenges me to up my spiritual game and responsiveness.  How about you?

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