Friday at The Midway
August 30, 2018
Getting Trampoline Ready
August 31, 2018

Cricut Circuit

  • When: 08/31/2018
  • Q: Cricut
  • Pax: Kimpossible, Globetrotter, Cakeboss, Doc, Sunshine, Triplecrown, Primanti

Great turnout this morning!

Warm up: arm swings, jumping jacks, butt kickers, cherry pickers

light jog to circuit set up.

We did a round of circuits and then exercised spelling out our FiA names.


Pull up Bar

Round 1: 20 Mountain Climbers

Round 2: 15 Spidermans

Round 3: 20 Plank Jacks


Kettle bell

Round 1: 15 Dead lifts

Round 2: 15 Bent Row

Round 3: 10 Lunge with bell overhead



Round 1: 10 Bicep curls

Round 2: 10 Triceps

Round 3: Over back alternating arm up and down


Weighted ball

Round 1: Throw down

Round 2:  Russian Twist

Round 3: 10 twist each side


Exercise ball

Round 1: 20 Sit ups

Round 2: 15 Supermans

Round 3: 10 Bridge ups or hold


Ran a cool down jog at the end and did a cool down.


A=10 Jumping Jacks

B=5 Jump Squats

C=5 Sumo Squats

D=10 Regular Squats

E=20 Butt Kicks

F=5 Burpees

G=5 Push-ups

H=10 Supermans

I=20 High Knees

J=10 Regular Crunches

K=Forward Lunges-5 each leg

L=Side Lunges-5 each leg

M=Reverse Lunges-5 each leg

N=10 Lateral Jumps

O=10 Mountain Climbers

P=10 Bicycle Crunches

Q=10 Calf Raises

R=Side Plank-20 sec each side

S=Forearm Plank-30 sec

T=Donkey Kicks-5 each leg

U=Sprint for 20 seconds

V=Side Shuffles for 30 seconds

W=Jog for 30 seconds

X=20 imaginary Jump Ropes

Y=10 Bridges

Z=Side Leg Raise-5 each leg

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