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April 2, 2018
Crossing the Battlefield
April 3, 2018

Copy Cat Q

  • When: 04/02/2018
  • Q: Double Trifecta
  • Pax: Light Bearer, Rainbow Brite, Shover, Hangry, Splash, Fate and 2.0 Rapunzel

When you pick up the Q last minute and don’t feel like creating your own Q… well, just do what the morning girls did! Coach backblasted a heck of a beatdown and I felt like I missed out so…I stole it!

Light Bearer helped me out as Co Q and warmed us up with some arm circles, windmills and lunges.  She also assisted in counting and abs at the end.  It was here first Co Q and she did great!

The Thang

100 squats

5 burpees

90 reverse crunches

5 burpees

80 mountain climbers

5 burpees

70 second squat hold (as if 100 squats weren’t enough)

5 burpees

60 love all bridges

You guessed it…5 more burpees

50 flutter kicks IC

5 burpees

40 plank taps… almost there ladies!

5 burpees

30 monkey humpers IC

5 burpees

20 hand release push ups

5 burpees

10 supermans IC

Took a lap around the tennis courts then got down for some ab work.

20 single leg bridges

15 bicycles IC

15 heal taps IC

Finished with about 5 minutes of yoga

Downward dog, warrior 1, warrior 2,  chaturanga to upward down. Repeated on the other side.  Finished with child’s pose.

Announcements, COT and Devo.

Thanks Coach!


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