14 exercises, 1 minute each x 2
April 24, 2019
Glute buster
April 24, 2019

Comet Backblast: We used Sandbags!

  • When: 04/24/2019
  • Q: Splits
  • Pax: Code Blue, Free Range, Hero, Hoops, Hotlanta, TeFiti, Splits

6 pax joined me (unknowingly) for a sandbag workout. My pre-blast was purposely vague:)
I’ve been eye-ballin’ those sandbags for weeks and wanted to fit them into a workout. Today was the day! Here’s how it went down…

Warm-up: 10IC – Jumping Jacks, Toy Soldiers, and Cherry Pickers. 5 Inchworms.

The Thang:
At the picnic tables – 2 Rounds
Step-ups – 12 each leg
Dips – 12
Split Squat – 12 each leg
Single leg bridge – 12 each leg

Move to dirt pile and pick up a sandbag (SB). Carry SB to bus lot.

At bus lot
Suicides using the basketball hoops. Run the SB to the first hoop and leave it there. Run back. Run to 2nd hoop picking up the SB on the way. Leave at 2nd hoop run back. Continue to all 4 hoops and then carry it the entire way back.

Move to the portables. Drop SB.
Bear crawl up ramp. Lunge to the other end. Crab walk down ramp. Jog to start. Repeat

Pick up SB and move to playground.
3 sets of 10 modified pull-ups
Then partner up, stand back to back and pass one SB to one another. (Side twists) :30 each direction.

Move to wall.
Wall sit with SB in lap – :45 x 2 Man was that 2nd wall sit hard!!
Move to the other wall, grass side. Lift SB to top of wall. Squat. Lower SB to ground. Repeat for 12 squats/lifts.

Return SB to dirt pile and finish with abs at the shelter.

Abs – 100 reps
20 reps of each move
Peter Parkers
Parker Peters
In Outs
Star Crunch

Moleskin: Thanks for playing along with me this morning. I wasn’t able to try out any of the moves beforehand so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go or how long it would all take but it worked out. I felt challenged but it also seemed to go fast. Here’s a narrative of us approaching the sandbags…
7 Pax moved towards the dirt pile knowing that they would have to retrieve and carry one of the sandbags at the bottom of the pile. As they approached the dirt and bags they detected a light odor in the air, a stank if you will. A few pax questioned, “Is that the sandbags that smell?” They looked at the bags not knowing if they smelled, how much they weighed, or how hard the task ahead of them would be. Slowly they bent down to retrieve their bags and at that moment the question was answered. Yes, the stank was indeed coming from the bags. LOL!
We got dirty and a little stinky this morning but we got it done. And Free Range is excited to test her sample of laundry detergent that guarantees to get out all odors:)
Have a great week! Happy Humpday!

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