Playground Workout
July 16, 2016
Morning of quirky quotes
July 17, 2016

Circuit Work

  • When: 07/16/2016
  • Q: Mission
  • Pax: Mission, Princess, Burpee, Gypsy, Saint, Songbird, ShakNBake, Clippers,Bluegrass, 1 FNG-Twang

Today we had wonderful weather! We had a PAX of 10 with 1 FNG.

Warm up 2 laps around the track, 25 JJ’s and 20 knee to elbow lifts.

Circuit One- each listed we did for 1 min (Booty Work)

  1. Dancers Sweep
  2. Cross Butt Lift and Tap
  3. Clam Shells
  4. Mini Leg Circles
  5. Side Plank Leg Lifts

Circuit Two- The Wall – 2x’s

  1. Wall Pushups -15x
  2. Bridge Dips-15x
  3. 60 sec wall sit
  4. Thread the Needle -15x
  5. Explosive Push Ups-15x

Circuit Three- Track and Field

  1. Short end of Track- High Knees/ Long End of Track Butt Kicks
  2. Short end of Track- Walk/ Long End of Track Sprint
  3. Crab walk up Field / Bear Crawl down
  4. Football Shuffle up and back field
  5. Last stop and balance on one leg 30 sec and switch legs

Circuit Four- Picnic Style-2x’s

  1. Biceps with Picnic Tables 10x
  2. Skaters-10x
  3. In & Out Abs 10x
  4. Box Jumps on Picnic Bench 10x
  5. Partner Plank Slap 10x
  6. Calf Raises 10x

Circuit Five- Abs

  1. Plank with leg lifts- 60sec
  2. Side Plank Rotation Pulse- 60sec
  3. Roll up Crunch with Punch- 60 sec
  4. Russian Punches- 60 sec
  5. Slow-Mo Mountain Climbers- 60sec

We ended with a Joyce Myer Devotion on Psalm 63. Prayer should be our First Response not our Last Resort! We ended with Prayer and a Picture!

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