Air Raid-BB
September 4, 2018
Repeat Pete
September 4, 2018

Circuit Intensified

  • When: 09/03/2018
  • Q: Tongs
  • Pax: Running Horse, Kitty, Sarge, Mile High, Tongs, Bookie, Putter

It was dark and sandy at the beach, and the humidity was high.  As the sun rose, the locals and tourists were trekking to the water’s edge, and six strong women joined me as we honored those men and women who labor, day in and day out, with a work hardening/cardio circuit.  While the sand was easy to write in (not so easy to read), it intensified even the simplest exercise.  After a quick warm up of Jumping Jacks (10 IC), High Knees (25 each leg OYO), Butt Kickers (25 each leg OYO), and some Arm Circles, we were off…

The Thang: 2 rounds of 16 exercises, 45 seconds hard, 10 second rest.


Jump Squats


Plyo Lunge

Dig a hole (pretend the weight is a shovel)

Speed Skaters

Goblet Squats

Mt. Climbers

Bicep Curl -> Overhead Press

Star Jumps

Rear Delt Raises

Plank Jacks



Overhead Triceps Extension
Broad Jump


Finisher:  Plank hold, while each Pax runs 50 yards down/back while pulling a 30# sled hooked to my Ruck. 

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