Batcave PB- School’s Out
June 7, 2018
Payday Preblast: Schooooool’s Out For Summer!
June 7, 2018

Circle of Life

  • When: 06/06/2018
  • Q: Swoosh
  • Pax: 12 pax, Swoosh, Tina, Fore, Blinker, Breaker Breaker, PowederPuff, Gutenberg, Kraftie, Roll Tide, Spotlight, Derby, Boot

I love how it gets light at the end of the work out, finally I am making it back to this wonderful fellowship of women that even though I break out, don’t come and generally disappear, they think about me, and also bring me Starbucks. WOW, I feel supported, loved, and grounded. Thanks guys!

So I thanked them with a Circle of Death workout, that turned out to be more a Circle of Life, we didn’t struggle because we are in shape! When I first did this was back in the day at the State House #FiAColumbia. It killed everybody, but that was four years ago, we have all grown !!

So here it goes


Warm up

Through the Tunnels x 15c

Imperial Walkers x 15c

20x Jumping Jacks


Circle of LIFE

SO you do 8 exercises for one minute as many as you can  and switch

1st Round

Donkey kicks right

Donkey kicks left

Big Gurl sit-ups

Squat Jumps

Mountain Climbers

Flutter Kicks

Plank Burpees

2nd Round

Tri-Cep dips


Surfer jumps



Sumo Squats

Side Plank Righ

SIde Plank Left

3rd Round

Reverse Crunch ‘


Pulse Sumo Squats

High Knees

SCissor Kicks

Jumping Jacks

Glute Bridges

LBC little baby crunches


DEVO – Death of self , so we can transmit the Sunlight of the Spirit ( Holy Spirit)


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