Jazzy Madness-Day 3
March 5, 2018
Retail Therapy BB: Only a Minute
March 6, 2018

Circle of Death relived?

  • When: 03/04/2018
  • Q: Swoosh
  • Pax: 6 PaxSwoosh, FNG Hippie Chick, FNG Gumby, Hershey, Yogi Bear, Pyro

Saturdays are the best !! And two FNGS!!!


Warm up

Emperial Walkers x 15

High knees x 15c

Arm Circles x 15c


The thang

Circle of death

Round one


Sit ups


Turkish get up

Round two

Russian twist

Push ups

Sumo squats

Tricep dips

Round three

Monkey humpers

Boat /canoes

Hip dips

Reverse crunch

Round four

Surfer squat jumps

Pulse crunch

Butt kickers

Around the world lunges


We abed it out

Crunch pulse x 60

Star Crunches

Devo- Meditation and focus on Gratitude


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