September 16, 2018
Peace Train cancelled tomorrow – 9/17
September 16, 2018

CHURCH ladies workout

  • When: 08/30/2018
  • Q: Thumper
  • Pax: Senior Mom, Starfish, Baller,Thumper

Met at Washington waterfront with water and to warm up

  1. We ran to St. Peters Episcopal Church.

C-CRAWL- bear crawl/crab crawl down the grassy area to tree and back

H-High knees- 20 on both sides

U-Upper body press- 30

R-Rows- arms 30

C- Climbers-mountain, that is-25

H-Hamstring curls-20 on both sides

2.Sip of water and ran to First Christian Church

repeat CHURCH

3. Water and ran to First Baptist Church

repeat CHURCH

Ran all the way back to waterfront for water and walking cool down/stretch




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