February 26, 2019
Last minute Monday fun…..
February 26, 2019

Chilly with a Chance of Burpees

  • When: 02/26/2019
  • Q: Fleet Feeet
  • Pax: Gangsta, Scissorhands, RuPaul, TLC, The Boss, Hipster, Power Lifter, Amiga, Twin Cruiser, Regroup, maverick, Tiny Hands, Fleet Feet, and Foot Loose

Finally, a beautiful (but a bit chilly) morning.  Our TOT Pax were able to venture out from underneath the awning out into the wide open spaces of the parking lot!  It felt great to get a little more cardio in this morning and have plenty of space to spread out (thankfully because we were 14 PAX strong!).  After the warm up the layers came off and it was time to get to work. After the burpees round we were running short on time (and breath) so I called an audible and cut the run for the last rounds, round 5 ended up only being 3 minutes to leave time to circle up at the end.

Warm Up (2 minutes each round)

Round 1 : 10 squats/ 10 push ups/ 10 line jumps

Round 2: 10 crunches/ 10 shoulder taps/ 10 jumping jacks

Round 3: 5 burps/ 10 russian twists/ 10 mountain climbers

The Thang

AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

5 Minutes Each Round

The middle exercise in each round was across the parking lot and back.

Round 1: 50 line jumps / bear crawl   / 50 russian twists

Run to Stop Sign and Back

Round 2: 50 toe taps on curb / broad jump  / 15 push ups

Run to Stop Sign and Back

Round 3: 20 burpees / skip across the parking lot and back / 15 sit ups

Round 4: 50 jumping jacks / side shuffle / 50 mountain climbers

Round 5:  20 plank ups / sprint / 30 shoulder taps



Praises for sunshine and clear weather and congrats to TLC on completing her half marathon despite yucky weather conditions.

Such a fun group for my first Q, thanks ladies!!!



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