Foxtrot: Come run, you will feel better
November 26, 2016
Payday Backblast- oops?!?!?
November 27, 2016

Chief’s Place Backblast–Ring of Fire!

  • When: 11/26/2016
  • Q: Elsa
  • Pax: Hightower, Princess, Rodeo, Instigator and Freestyle

Four lovely FiAs and one 2.0 joined me this morning to get their Shop Small Saturday started right!  Here’s how it went down…


Line up on one side of the parking lot and butt kick to other side and jog back.  Round 2 was high knees and jog back.  20 ic cherry pickers and let’s go!

The Thang:

Circle up, start the tunes and grab the bucket-o-fun!  So one by one we each pulled a slip from the bucket and performed the exercise.  The person pulling the exercise was in charge of counting (shout out to 2.0 Princess for nailing the cadence count!)  We were able to make it through three rounds of my bucket-of-fun.  In between rounds we took a break and ran the perimeter of the parking lot.

10ic Tricep Dips–90 total

10 Boat Canoes–30 total

15ic Scissor Kicks–135 total

10 Star Jumps–30 total

10 Starfish Situps–30 total

15c Sumo Squats–135 total

20ic Penguins–180 total

20ic Russian Twists–180 total

10 Turkish Getups–30 total

We circled up a few minutes late, but got in three rounds!  Way to go girls.  Everyone stretched and we did COT.

Deep Thoughts by Elsa…

What an fun week!  Three FiA Pawley’s Island workouts with the sweetest gals.  I was pleased to find out that PI now offered four workouts each week…so cool!  What an amazing group!  I was very impressed by these newbies…they have it down pat!

I’m still in awe over how far FiA has come since i joined.  I love having these girls to help keep me on track this week while on vacation.  Otherwise it would have been running…argh…I HATE running!  Thank you ladies for a great week and teaching this old dog some new tricks…coming to a FiA Charlotte Metro near you soon!  FiA Metro if you are in the are, check these ladies out…you won’t be sorry!

PS:  Freestyle, I hope to see you at a swim meet soon…feel free to contact me.  Cell:  704-830-4988 Facebook:  Jamie K. Thompson

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