Repeat dance party aka Butt kickin’ workout
March 20, 2018
4 Leaf Clovers FOUND at The Yard
March 20, 2018

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

#WDSD18 #LotsOfSocks #RunForHolland

  • When: 03/17/2018
  • Q: Thunderstruck
  • Pax: Noah, Magnolia, The Cheese, Paparazzi, Scrat, Cyclone, Sara Lee, Monarch, FNG-Van (left early-not named)

10 Pax including 1 FNG posted at The Thicket wearing their crazy mismatched socks to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day a little early!

The workout was inspired by the date of WDSD which is March 21 (3/21).

WU: Jog in place while Q gave a little information about WDSD, cherry pickers-front/back x21 (IC), cherry pickers-side/side x21 (IC), 3 minute squat, shoulder blasters-front x7 thumbs up, x7 thumbs down, x7 thumbs up&down (total 21), shoulder balsters- side x7 thumbs up, x7 thumbs down, x7 thumbs up&down cross at top (total 21), 21 overhead claps (IC).

Mosey to back of park & plank till everyone arrives

Sprint Pinebridge Hill 21 seconds x3 rounds

Mosey to playground

7 partner assisted pull ups on monkey bars X 3 (total 21 PU/person).  Pax rotated on and off the bars and completed step ups on the wall.

Glute/hamstring pulls on swings. Lay on ground on back, put heels in swing, pull up to glute bridge and pull legs in and out.  21 reps with 21 second holds (knees in) between sets.

Bulgarian squat 21 reps right leg

21 push ups

Bulgarian squat 21 reps left leg

Calf raises- toes forward 21 reps, 21 sec hold at top. Toes out 21 reps, 21 sec hold at top.  Toes in 21 reps, 21 sec hold at top.

Dips x21

Sit Ups x21




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