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June 8, 2018
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June 8, 2018

Celebrating the day

  • When: 06/08/2018
  • Q: Hot Lips
  • Pax: Honeycomb, Salty, Fitbit, Olaf, Hot Lips

Today we celebrate National Best Friend’s Day, National Jelly Filled Doughnut Day, and National Pick your Poison Day rolled all into one workout!!


Hot and muggy

Warm Up:

Various exercises to the tune of “Jelly Filled Doughnuts” by Raymond Powers

The Thang:

Partner up with your BFF

Run to center buckets and ‘pick your poison’ from one of the two buckets.  This has a traveling exercise that both partners will do in route to the next set of poison.  Partner 1 travels to the right to randomly pick from an assortment of bags containing random numbers as partner 2 travels to the left to pick a random exercise combo from a choice of 4 buckets.  Both partners run back to their mats and each perform the specified number of reps of said exercises.  Once complete, repeat until you have picked from all 4 buckets of exercises.  These exercises included:

Partner 1:  Push ups  Partner 2:  Hold invisible chair

Partner 1:  Squats  Partner 2:  Hold tall plank

Partner 1:  Sit-ups  Partner 2:  Hold reverse plank

Partner 1:  Side jumps over partner 2 while she holds a low plank

Traveling exercises included:  Bear Crawl, Duck Walk, Crab Walk, Walking Lunges, Dragon Walk, Frog Jump, Skip, and Side Shuffle

Repetitions ranged from 20-50

Besties had the option to trade their ‘poison’ for something in the WILD CARD bucket which unbeknownst to them included various exercises like 15 synchronized burpees, 30 seesaw squat jumps, and the option to trade your cards with another group. 

Once everyone made it through as many exercises as possible, we did a few minutes of partner abs.  4 exercises were picked randomly from the following:  Side Plank Reach Through-Fist Bumps  (30s each side. Switch places in between),  Bicycle Crunches,  Leg throws (30s each person), Heel tap / finger tap, Hello Dollies, Inch Worm Patty cake, V-sit circles, Windshield wipers, Back to back water bottle pass and Rocking planks.


Announcements:  Freedom bags—sign up to donate!

-Roundabouts next 2 weeks with The Pitt up first on Monday.

Prayer requests—be in prayer for Salty as she speaks publicly about PTSD tomorrow and also for her and her youth group traveling to church camp next week.  Also remember a 17 year old, Brandon, and his family who need guidance and wisdom.



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