September 18, 2019

Mall Walkers Challenge

10 Pax came out at 5:30 this morning to meet for our challenge workout! Today’s challenge was to see just how many exercises we could get […]
September 14, 2019

A (Bear- and Crab-) Walk in the Park

Warm O’Rama: Our PAX of 16 took a mosey or two around the basketball court before our warm-up of Imperial Walkers, 1st graders, Moroccan Nightclubs, and […]
September 11, 2019

Stairs, stairs, stairs

14 PAX came together for a 9/11 tribute workout honoring the men and women who climbed 110 flights of stairs at the Twin Towers September 11, […]
September 4, 2019

Mall Walkers Marathon

14 Pax out at 5:30 this warm summer morning.   Warm-O-Rama Butt kickers x 20 Toy Soldiers x 10 High knees x 15 Windmills x 10 […]
August 31, 2019

Picnic in the Park

Warm up: Arm Circles, Butt Kickers, High Knees, Windmills Ran down the hill to the lower parking lot. The ‘Thang: Part 1: Used the trees in […]
August 28, 2019

Hump Day Hustle at Mall Walkers

Welcome and Disclaimer Warm-up: Jumping Jacks 20 IC, Butt kickers 20 IC, Cherry pickers 10 IC, side bends 20 IC The Thang: Each exercise was done […]
August 24, 2019

Get in the Boat!

18 PAX gathered on a lovely morning at Washington Park to get our sweat on. The weather has broken a little with cooler temperatures and we […]
July 28, 2019

Iron Cross at Martha’s Mayhem

9 Pax gathered on the basketball court for the Warm-o-Rama which consisted of Butt Kickers, Windmills, and High Knees, in cadence. Due to a couple festivals […]
July 20, 2019

Girls on Fire at Martha’s Mayhem

11 PAX came together for a Girls on Fire workout due to the extreme temperatures this weekend! We found a shady spot for warmup and The […]
July 17, 2019

Hump Day Hustle at Mall Walkers

9 PAX came together to christen our new AO “Mall Walkers” at the Downtown Mall. This is how it went down. Welcome and disclaimer Warm-a-rama IC […]
July 14, 2019

Escalators by 10

  Blue sky and sunny morning, yet a bit muggy. Haven started off with the welcome, disclaimer and warm up Jog in place Butt kickers Jumping […]
July 6, 2019

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

The PAX circled up on the basketball court for a quick application of sunscreen (Shout out to Stitch for covering us – literally!) and a warmup. […]