May 9, 2019

Early AM UNO

The Skinny: Diego and myself hung out for a few minutes at 0530 waiting to see if any other Fias would arrive for an Uno workout […]
May 8, 2019

Kentucky Derby remembrance workout

DISCLAIMER WARM-UP: We were graced with a Burpee Train for our warm-up! Gahhhh. THE THANG: In honor of my dream come true at the 145th Kentucky […]
May 5, 2019

Arm Dora

Welcome, Disclaimer, Warm-Up The Thang: We did a modified Dora with 75 tricep extensions, 100 reverse fly’s, and 150 weighted hallelujahs. We split up the workouts […]
May 2, 2019

Collect the Rainbow

Welcome and Disclaimer Warm Up: We jogged to each station so I could explain each exercise and then began the workout when we returned to the […]
April 27, 2019

Dance dance revolution

Back by popular demand for my birthday Q- throw-back to my dance workouts! So much fun to put together! welcome and disclaimer warm-up: Workout: a mix […]
April 13, 2019


9 PAX on this nice Spring morning ready to do the work! Welcome & Disclosure Warm-up: **NOTE I am calling this the Msfiri special because she […]
April 11, 2019

Rucking meets RAD

Warm-up: Dynamic stretching ( Disclosure The Thing: 10 Weighted Squats 10 push-ups (with ruck if possible) 10 Weighted Russian Twists repeat x2 1/4 mile lap run/ruck […]
April 10, 2019

Full-body Stations

The Skinny: Pax of 5 showed up for a nice spring morning workout! My hopes to get through two rounds of workout stations was derailed by […]
April 3, 2019

Tabata Tuesday

PAX of 7 joined each other to complete Tabata Tuesday on a beautiful Tuesday evening. Boston introduced herself and gave the disclaimer. Warmup: run a lap […]
April 3, 2019

  A Pax of 5 had some fun this morning! Intro and disclaimer Warm Up Stretch Jumping Jacks IC x10 Through the tunnel IC x10 To […]
April 1, 2019

The Dirty Marathon

TN was throwing it back to the cold temps again today at 28 degrees with a light wind. PAX of 3 braved the cold for a […]
March 28, 2019

Shop-Vac made a morning appearance

Welcome, Disclaimer Warm-Up The Thang: I don’t do mornings and so i didn’t want to count therefore, we did a minute of 6 exercises, took a […]