June 17, 2019

Peter Parker, Parker Peter, and Pumpkins

Warmup: Slow Butt Kickers, Jumping Jacks (10c), Cherry Pickers (10 c), Open/Close the Gates, Big Arms Circles (F & B) Ran long way around back of […]
June 14, 2019

Friday! Funday!

Warm Up:  Jumping jacks, stretches Work Out: Run to destination Plank 2:20 challenge HopScotch Parachute 20 plie squats holding parachute in air run circle and back […]
June 12, 2019

The Amish Make Great Pies

5:ooam on the first week of summer break….I’m so proud of myself and the 5 lovely ladies who joined me and did not ignore that alarm! […]
June 10, 2019

Arms and Abs

Warm up – 10 Jumping Jacks in cadence, 10 Squats with a side stretch, 10 windmills, 10 Raggedy Anns, 10 arm circles forwards and backwards. Run […]
June 5, 2019

Little push to finish the last school day

June 5-last day of school Jumping jacks-20c Windmills-10c Side to side lunges-10c Arm circles Run to Church on Harris Street Arm-arm-leg-leg Plank-20c Run up stairs, down, […]
May 31, 2019

Friday Back At It

Warm up: jumping jacks, stretch, arm circles, side stretches 50 jumping jacks, 50 high knees, 50 Mt climbers, 20 squats, 10 burpees, 20 sit ups, 45 […]
May 31, 2019

Weighted Pyramid ;)

Warm UP…just realized we skipped that (hello Friday!) Workout: with weights: Bottom of Pyramid: 50 walking lunges 50 Squats 50 bicep curls 50 sit ups Ran […]
May 29, 2019

Power Wednesday

Warm up: toy soldiers, butt kickers, cherry pickers in cadence We ran a mile and a half stopping and chipping away at this workout challenge: 25 […]
May 22, 2019

Boot Camp Made Simple

Warm-Up: Cherry Pickers, Butt Kickers Work Out: Run to playground @ WEP 15 Tuck Jumps 15 Tricep Dips to Glute Bridge 8 each way: lateral low […]
May 8, 2019

Make a Good Choice When Choosing a Partner

It was great to be back at WEP this morning. 6 fantastic ladies joined me for a run and WO. Some of us ran and some […]
May 3, 2019

Shooting for “10”

It was a great morning to get back to Qing. We had a group of eight for our 5:30 bootcamp- hooray!! We stuck with a perfect […]
April 28, 2019

Dumbbell Blast

Warm Up: Arm rotations & butt kickers Workout: Circuit One 15 plank & rotate 15 scarecrows 15 squat, curl & press 1 min jumping jacks Circuit […]