Backblast-The Valley 9/10/18
September 11, 2018
Go away Flo
September 11, 2018

  • When: 09/11/2018
  • Q: Kool-Aid
  • Pax: Shop-Vac, Vanilla Ice, Katahdin, Athena, Techie, Salty, Boston

Luck Be 8 Ladies Tonight!

Okay, now that I got that cheesy Vegas-y casino bit out of the way…let’s get down to it 🙂

The Skinny

PAX of 8 post Tuesday evening for a fun, grab-bag style workout with a casino theme.

Welcome & Disclaimer

Warm Up 

Done in cadence:
10 arm circles forward
10 arm circles backward
10 cherry pickers
10 front punches
10 jumping jacks

The Thang
Roll the dice!

Each PAX got a chance to roll the fun new die I got from winning FiA BINGO (there are still some really cool prizes up for grabs, so dust off your FiA BINGO board)!  This is not the exact one I have, as the numbers on my die are much higher/crueler, and a few exercises differ, but you get the idea with the picture below:

We rolled:
20 burpees
1 minute wall sit
20 mountain climbers
WATER BREAK (thanks Salty!)
30 Russian twists
20 jump squats
30 calf raises
20 tricep dips


We were so rudely interrupted during our 1-minute wall sit by a Burpee train!


Stack the Deck!

Each PAX took turns drawing a card from a standard deck.  We completed the # on the card (J= 11, Q= 12, K= 13, A= 14) for the following exercises:

Diamonds = Inverted starfish crunch
Hearts = Pretzel arms
Spades = :10 second wall sit (# on the card x :10 seconds; e.g. 13 = 130 seconds)
Clubs = Calf raises


We finished up with a nice, deep stretch in our necks, shoulders, legs, backs, and abs.




Circle of Trust

Today, 9/11, is an emotional day for many Americans.  We still feel the grief, shock, and horror of the events that took place back in 2001 and that makes for some rough days.  Our AO has felt some storms this week with the postponement of our GrowRuck, having to cancel workout Saturday, and other challenges.  Personally, I know quite a few of us are “in the muck” with life right now, too.

An author I read, Joan Marques, who writes about leadership and the courage it takes to lead, said in her book “101 Pebbles to Pave Your Way Through the Day”:

When it rains, it pours.  Maybe the art of life is to convert tough times to great experiences:

We can choose to hate the rain, or we can choose to dance in it.

When we are faced with hardship, it’s often difficult to recognize the “teachable moment” life is throwing at us.  But, when we stop to think for a moment, we can see how challenges help us to build resilience…grit…that tough stuff that gets you through the next raging storm in your metaphorical “dingy” of a boat.  I challenge you to have the courage it takes to be open to learning from your biggest challenges.

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