28 Sweaty Divas
May 15, 2018
Four Corners of Fun @ Plantation
May 15, 2018

Cardio, Legs & Arms before sunrise!

  • When: 05/15/2018
  • Q: Cool Runnings
  • Pax: Sisqo, Sonny, Treble, Sox, Lemons, Corbel

We started our journey up the hill to Constellation Park (aka Star wars Battlefield) with a warm up interval jog.

We continued the warm up at the top – counting in cadence:

Cherry Pickers, Toe Touches, and a side lunge.

Finally time for the festivities to really begin with an Interval work out!  We worked our legs in combination with cardio.  Then focused on finally gave our lower abs and oblique’s some attention.

Intervals:     3 sets are 45 on / 15 sec off

6 sets are 25 on  / 10 sec off

1 min per Ab exercise / 10 sec off

3 sets = Prisoner Jacks

6 sets = Squat Hops or Tuck Jump

3 sets = Speed Skaters w hop & reach


6 sets = Plank Jax Shoulder Taps

 3 sets = Downward Dog Push UP

6 sets = Mountain Climbers alternating Burpees


Flutter Kicks – high or low or both

Bicycle crunches

One Leg Glute Lift (30 sec each leg) – squeeze

Reverse Crunch

Heel Touches – Penguin

Russian Twist



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