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October 3, 2018
My Year on the IR List
October 3, 2018

Build Your Own Pyramid

  • When: 10/03/2018
  • Q: Comet
  • Pax: Teacher, Captain, Excel, Tech, Fury

It seemed we all had a bit of a hard time getting out of bed this morning…but I think we were all glad we had once we were done this morning. I know I was.

We chatted and warmed up very informally with some torso twists, hip circles, butt kickers, high knees, heismans, air presses, arm circles. Run a parking lot lap.

The Thang: Tech volunteered to go first having NO idea what she was agreeing to (mad respect). First PAX draws an exercise out of the cup and we complete it. Next PAX draws a new exercise and we complete it followed by the first exercise. Third PAX pulls and we complete that exercise + the second + the first. We keep going around the circle until all 10 exercises have been drawn counting back to Tech’s first pull each time (Burpees wouldn’t have been so fun in this slot). Here’s how it went down:

1. Tech – 10 Pushups (total 100 reps)
2. Captain – 20 Alternating Lunges (total 180 reps)
3. Fury – 5 Burpees (total 40 reps)
4. Comet – Sprint to Traffic Circle & Back (total 7 times)
5. Excel – 20 Russian Twists (120 total reps)
6. Teacher – 10 Butterfly Situps (50 total reps)
7. Tech – 30 Monkey Humpers (120 total reps)
8. Captain – 20 Jumping Jacks (60 total reps)
9. Fury – 15 Jump Squats (30 total reps)
10. Comet – 20 Tricep Dips (10 total reps)

We finished with another parking lot loop before circling up for name-o-rama & prayers.

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