Bring Out Your Inner Spartan
March 16, 2018
You want me to do what?!
March 16, 2018

  • When: 03/16/2018
  • Q: Burpee
  • Pax: Burpee, Wonder Woman, Roundoff, Bliss, Trek, Brewer, Papaya, Globetrotter, Big Apple, Vino, Cutie Pi, Globetrotter 2, Explorer, Sprint, HotSpot, Minnie Pearl, Sassy burpee, Slugger

18 pax assembled at DU in extremely windy conditions to hammer out a Build it Up workout and to celebrate HotSpot’s upcoming nuptials.  Dressed in green, lots of mumble chatter, creature themed exercises and an epic wedding playlist kept us all entertained. We finished with snacks, mimosas and notes of marriage advice from each pax to send Hotspot and Rocking Chair into wedded bliss!

Heres how it works.  Start with 4 reps of exercise 1.  Then repeat and add 4 reps of exercise 2.  Start from the top and add 4 reps each exercise.  Finish up with two full rounds of 4 reps of each all the way through.


4 of 1

4 of 1 and 2

4 of 1, 2 and 3


Finish with 2 full rounds of all 10 exercises

1. Inchworm

2. Spider-Man push-up

3. Diamond Head squats

4. Flamingos

5. Duck walk

6. Gorillas

7. Grasshopper Kick through

8. Bear crawl

9. Crab kicks tricep dips

10. Mule frog hops

So this workout was a lot like a marriage. The first exercise, like the first year, seems easy. But as you add exercises (years) it gets to be more challenging, right? The key to surviving and thriving, is by staying focused on the prize. A healthier, fitter version of you (a stronger more loving relationship with spouse) . the bottom line is, it’s gonna take work, dedication and commitment. And in the end, the results of your efforts will show for themselves.

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