Bring it on, Mother’s Day!!! Cause, We Fancy…
May 12, 2018
Toys For Us
May 12, 2018

Bring on the heat!!!!!


  • When: 05/12/2018
  • Q: sisqo
  • Pax: thumper, ginger, click, keystone, marvel, treble, hitchhiker, peyton, creole, stitches, sox, glowworm, fonda, cheese it, ex-con, dorothy, cool runnings fng emma (dolphin), fng heather(pinny), sisqo


Warm up

step jacks (ic) 20x

jog in place (ic) 20x

scissors toe tap (ic)20x


Tabata Style 25 exersizes 20sec 10 sec break

Inchworm (advanced w push ups)

modify pushups(2) full pushups (2)

seated bicycles 4 count forward 4 count backwards

Jumping jacks(4) hop arms to knees(4)

Alternate heels left to right

180 Hook 8 count sprint

Bicycle Hold 8 count

Isolate Legs 8 count r leg l leg

Rocking Geckos sit back knee 2 elbow

Half Canons hands and feet off ground bring knees in

Modify Push ups w swim arms

Squat 2 Tree pose

Tri-Switch Lunge

Squat Twist Jab R to L

Pike Tap Push ups to knee

In and Out knees w a hop

Plank Burpees over 2

Warrior Push ups modify

Elbow fist sprint 8 count

Squat twist abs (elbow 2 knee)

Crisscross jacks

Ladder kicks low, med, high w a hop

Uneven Planks

Plank ups bring knees in

Squat Squeeze


Iron butterflies 10x

Bicycles 20x

V-ups  10x

Roman Twists 20x

Ran around Sports complex sprint to tree, jog than sprint repeat all the way to top

Dora (Partners) 75 flutter kicks, 100 lunges, 150 jump squats

Cool Down open arms

child’s pose side middle side

hamstring stretch

flamingo stretch


Don’t use machines; become one.

Healthy is an outfit that looks differently on everybody.

You don’t find willpower you create it.




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