Mothers Day Foxtrot-PB
May 12, 2018
Bring on the heat!!!!!
May 12, 2018

Bring it on, Mother’s Day!!! Cause, We Fancy…

  • When: 05/12/2018
  • Q: Carmen
  • Pax: Carmen, Mountain-momma, Sol, Zen, Velocareader, Woodstock

What a BEAUTIFUL workout!!! The sun was shining at We Fancy and Carmen had an awesome and creative blend of Yoga and aerobic activities she took us through this morning. We left with a new way to breath and a perfect intention for this Mother’s Day weekend – Carmen set the intention at the beginning of the workout, and then we repeated at the end in our trust circle to help bring it home:

Here’s to strong women – May we know them, May we be them, May we raise them…

8:15 Stretches – Arm across chest

  • Neck circles

  • Front of your thigh

  • Back of your calf

  • ankle

Breath – hand on stomach

  • Fill the balloon/stomach

  • Smell the soup/cool the soup

  • Center fold legs apart

Jazz up – Center fold toe touches

  • Step together step

  • Add arms

We rotated the three stations as a group each time at each station gets a little more challenging. We Lunged to each station.

Station 1A- Plank for 5 breaths, dog for 5 breaths (use finger pads!)

Station 2A – Cat (exhale)/cow for 5 breaths, bird dog for 5 breaths

Station 3A- Chair for 5 breaths, rag doll for 5 breaths

Station 1B- Side plank for 5 breaths, other side plank for 5 breaths (don’t sag!)

Station 2B- Bird dog crunches (right elbow to left knee) each side for 5 breaths

Station 3B- Chair twist (hands in prayer, twist right elbow to left thigh) each side for 5 breaths

Station1C-Plank scoops 5 breaths each side

Station 2C- plank to chaturanga (low plank) for 5 breaths

Station 3C Chair on tiptoes for 10 breaths

Then we skipped over to the playground area where we used the cinder blocks to continue the workout.

20 Squat lifts w/ cinder blocks

25 partner sit-ups

20 cinder block presses (on our back) (10-10 with break between)

Yoga stretches in between upper body work above

Run Hello lap

Circle up on the floor

  • Arm across chest

  • Neck circles

  • Right leg high folded over left and twist / Switch

  • On back make a four and stretch your backleg

  • Dog to plank to upward dog

  • Cat / Cow

Breath – hand on stomach

  • Fill the balloon/stomach

  • Smell the soup/cool the soup

  • Inhale the future/exhale the past

9:10 Good thought for the day –

Here’s to strong women

May we know them

May we be them

May we raise them.


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