Feeling the Burn at WBY
September 5, 2018
Thelma Pre blast Staying on track
September 5, 2018

Blue Light Special

  • When: 09/05/2018
  • Q: skiff
  • Pax: Tongs, Sarge, Duce, Lucky Charms, Bones, Council, Speak Easy, Flip

Again, the Q, was coming in on 2 wheels………this time it was because I got blue lighted by the Police. What had happened was………………..
I thought I’d scope out the trek for our traveling workout this morning before we all hit the path in dark with our headlamps. Apparently the cop was watching me creep by……….twice with my husbands highly illuminated light bar and interior lights as I check the area. Apparently it was odd enough at 5am that  I deserved a blue light.

We had a quick stretch as we walked to the Bridges St. Path:
The Thang: We ran just over 2 miles on the Bridges St. Path with exercises along each light pole (skipping the one on the bridge). The runner group finished all 11 poles, while the walkers did 6 (still completing all exercises). Once at the last pole, the pax turned around and repeated the exercises at each pole back to the start.
pole 1: 5 burpees
pole 2: 10 push ups
pole 3: 10 squats
pole 4: 20 side bends
pole 5: 20 air presses
pole 6: 40 mtn climbers (total)
pole 7: 20 imperial walkers
pole 8: 15 monkey humpers
pole 9: 20 jacks
pole 10: 20 hip dips
pole 11: 20 dips

We finished with 5 minutes to spare and talked about the upcoming Beacon of Hope race and stretched.

Thanks for coming! This is one of my favorites!


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