Frog Pond Friday Pre-Blast
June 7, 2018
Kris Kross will make you JUMP JUMP!!!
June 7, 2018

  • When: 06/07/2018
  • Q: Mary Lou
  • Pax: Bagheera, Helium, El Paso (+Rio-respect!), Van Gogh (respect), Peachtree, Cannonball (FNG Jessica)

Can you believe the sun is just about up when this thing gets started on Thursday mornings?! It’s amazing! Makes running backwards way less treacherous (or would have had we gotten all the way through the workout!). I’m also thankful these early mornings lately have been a pleasant 60 something degrees instead of the 80s we reach in the AM during our southern summers!

Because this workout was running heavy we warmed up with a few active stretches specific for running. We lined up at one end of the parking lot and did each exercise for about 5 stripes then strided to the end of the parking lot.  Toe walks (straight, in and out), Heel walks (straight, in and out), rhythm skips, bounds (high skip), high knees, butt kicks. We finished off the warm up with a few windmills to an awkward 11 cadence count.  Oops!

The Thang: A modified catch me if you can using BLIMPS (we ran out of time for the S, but if you have an hour you can totally knock this out).  We partnered up. While one FiA completed 5 reps of the exercise the other ran, side shuffled, skipped or grapevined down the path. Once 5 reps were completed FiA raced to catch her partner. Once caught, that FiA stopped and completed 5 reps while her partner ran, side shuffled, skipped or grapevined.  We repeated each exercise 5 times.  So total reps =25.

L-lunges/side shuffle
I-imperial walkers/skips
P-plank jacks/grapevine
S-star jumps or squats/backward run*

Once FiA and her partner completed 5 rounds of the first letter we moseyed back to the shelter for a recovery exercise before beginning the next letter. Recovery exercises included various counts of: dips on the curb, pit taps, heels to the heavens, LBCs (or cat/cow for us pregnant ladies), sparky crabs* and hallelujahs with a wall sit*.

We circled up for some abs.  There was only time for one exercise and if I’m remembering correctly we did LBCs/CatCow.

We named our FNG and I shared a bit about what we are learning in our small groups at my church about the Psalms.

It’s always a pleasure to workout with you strong ladies! Thank you for enduring my running workouts with minimal grumbling!  In all we clocked about 2.3 miles this morning. Way to go! Felt like more! Ha!

Mary Lou

The Skinny:

*these exercises were on the agenda but we didn’t get to them! If I repeat this workout on a Saturday I think we can do it all. Get ready 😉

-Major props to El Paso whose little Rio is 38 weeks baked.  Girl rocked out the workout and gives me much motivation to keep on keeping on!

-Asthma is no joke and a gold star to Peachtree for sticking with it and pushing through today! Good job rebuilding your lung capacity after surgery!

-Helium and Bagheera were good sports to listen to my annoying “come on, sprint it out, come catch me” nagging all through the workout…and they put in the effort; way to go ladies!

-Cannonball was trucking the entire workout with nary a complaint, just a smile and determination! Her jog is pretty quick, so make sure you keep that in mind if you’re ever paired with her in a catch-me-if-you can scenario!

-Van Gogh, glad to see you back out and being consistent! It always feels like there’s a hole in the group when you’re out!

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