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February 22, 2019
2-23 Billy Joel PB: Go Shawty. It’s my Birthday.
February 22, 2019

Blame it on the rain!

  • When: 02/22/2019
  • Q: Java
  • Pax: Juice, Jazzy

Thanks for swimming on out this morning, ladies! I think we’ve all had just about enough rain for a while. This morning we did a guts, guns, and buns workout, getting ready for warmer weather…eventually!

Warmup: We did a little jogging in place, some arm swings and arm circles, cross jacks, and ran the stairs.

Guts sequence: 45 seconds on/15 off


Bicycle Crunches

Toe Touch Crunches

Pilates Toe Taps

Reverse Crunches

Oblique Crunches Left

Oblique Crunches Right

One Minute Plank

Guns Sequence: 50 seconds/10 seconds, repeat each pair of exercises 3 times

A- Bicep Curls (1st time standard, 2nd time wide, 3rd time hammer)

B- Tricep Kickbacks (1st time kickbacks, 2nd time overhead extensions, 3rd time dips)

A- Chest Fly while holding a hip bridge

B- Chest Press while holding a hip bridge

A- Overhead Press with squat

B- Dumbbell Pullover while holding a hip bridge

Buns Sequence: 50 seconds/ 10 seconds, repeat each pair three times (as time allowed)

A- Donkey Kicks Left

B- Fire Hydrant Leg Press Left

A- Donkey Kicks Right

B- Fire Hydrant Leg Press Right

A- Squat with Leg Raise Left

B- Squat with Leg Raise Right




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