Sore Core Workout
May 11, 2018
FiA Greensboro 1 Year Anniversary WOD Back-blast
May 11, 2018

Bikini Body Circuit

  • When: 05/11/2018
  • Q: Scratch
  • Pax: Daisy, Cruiser, GenX, FNG Ally

Getting ready for our neighborhood pool to open in a couple weeks! We had a few minutes leftover at the end, so we took a three minute jog.

Warm Up IC:
10 windmills
10 cotton picker extensions
10 toy soldiers
10 slow side lunges
10 plie squat hold moving torso side-to-side
10 jacks

The Thang:
Repeat each circuit three times then move to the next circuit.

Circuit 1:
• Squat with side leg lift (20 total, alternating sides)
• Down dog donkey kicks – from downward facing dog, extend one leg straight up then bring in to forehead (10 reps each side)
• Elbow side plank with twist (10 reps each side)

Circuit 2:
• Beach babe push-ups – on knees with one leg extended (5 reps each side)
• Mountain climbers (20 alternating sides – singles for step-outs or doubles if running)
• Jump squats (15 reps)

Circuit 3:
• Superwoman pushups – plank position to superman and back to plank (10 reps)
• Butterfly crunch – like butterfly sit ups but bring toes off ground toward fingers into a crunch when you sit up (15 reps)
• Marching bridge (20 total, alternating sides)

Circuit 4:
• Forward Lunges (20 total, alternating sides)
• Plank with leg lifts (20 total, alternating sides)
• Bicycle crunches (20 double count)

Cool Down/Stretch/COT

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