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July 22, 2017
Power of positive thinking
July 22, 2017

#BetterTogether – Yes we are! It’s Saturday in the Park @ Green Mile!

  • When: 07/22/2017
  • Q: Faith
  • Pax: Bling, Bomber, Ducky, Duckling, Speedy, Swoosh, Pitch, Tumble, Petrona, Survivor, Paper Jam, High Life, Jigsaw, & Doogie (Ashley-FNG)

Beautiful cool(er) morning today with an occasional MUCH needed breeze~mid 70’s and clear! So wonderful to see 15 Pax(including 1 FNG) come out to the new mini location “Saturday in the Park” @ Green Mile.

Welcome Doogie (Speedy’s daughter)!!!

Warm Up


15 Sumo Squat Stretches

10 Push Ups OYO

Quick Jog around the field

Circuit Thang

6 exercises completed = 1 Round

Six stations were noted – each with an exercise that increased by 10 reps. I challenged the ladies to work for 25 minutes and get AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)…The theme today was #bettertogether so I challenged them to come back on Aug 19th when we would do this same circuit again to see if we improve in the # of rounds we can complete.

The Circuit Thang started off to some tunes on Kidz Bop, but quickly changed to the Jock Jams station as we pushed through this Circuit. Dancing to Tootsie Roll, Can’t Touch This, and Funky Cold Medina was optional and welcomed.

25 Minutes total AMRAP

Station 1

10 Burpees with a Push Up

Station 2

20 Alternating squats with kickbacks (20/ea side)

Station 3

30 Tricep Dips

Station 4

40 Jumping Jacks

Station 5

50 High Knees

Station 6

60 Mountain Climbers

XTRA (see you didn’t even have to pay extra for this part) 

So. In an effort to get #BetterTogether we challenged ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and attempt to Sniper Crawl about half length of a soccer field. Yes it was going to be a challenge crawling on our toes and the back of our forearms. Yes, we were probably going to get grassy, dirty, and may even a little scratched up. We modified with Plank Crawls as needed in an effort to keep going, but we made it to the end with a strong finish…leaving no one to finish alone! We got #BetterTogether!

Sniper Crawl (modify with a forward plank walk only when needed) halfway across the field

5 Burpees

Alternating Lunges back to the start line


PLANK with a FACT (Circled up, held a Plank as we went around the circle, each FiA shared an interesting fact about herself!) Total time plank held for 2 min 5 sec!

Standing Side to Side Ab Crunches 10/side

Standing Knee Raise Crunches 10/side


Some modified yoga from “not a yoga professional”

Downward Dog, Hold, Come to a Plank, Hold, Repeat for 5 times

Leg Stretch, Neck Stretch, Tricep Stretch

Circle Up Closer…Name-o-Rama

Prayer Requests




Romans 15:5

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Jesus Christ had, so that with One Mind and One Voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Theme for today was #BetterTogether…which is pretty much summed up in that verse above. It will be a year in October ’17 that I have been coming to FiA and in that short time since, I’ve seen this group LIVE out that verse in more ways than one. And THAT is what keeps bringing me back…it’s what gets my butt out of bed at 4am 2-3, sometimes 4 days a week!

Less than a year ago, I probably couldn’t run quarter of a mile without stopping…today I’m running up to 8 miles (WHAT!?) on any given Saturday with a group of ladies who encourage me to push on when I would otherwise quit on my own. (Thank you BatterUp for bringing me to my first FiA @ WBY!!!) To me, Romans 15:5 resonates the HeartBeat of what FiA is all about. I’m grateful to have found these ladies…that I call sisters and thankful that they make me Better today than I was yesterday.

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