School House Rock Total Eclipse Pre-Blast
August 20, 2017
Friday Fight Club
August 20, 2017

  • When: 08/19/2017
  • Q: Faith
  • Pax: Swoosh, Candy Striper, Hurricane, Smores, Stretch, Survivor

7 PAX revisited the #BetterTogether workout that was done about a month ago at the “Saturday in the Park” @ Green Mile. The Circuit is challenging and we pushed ourselves to try to get as many rounds as possible and for those who were here for the previous workout, they definitely surpassed the # of rounds previously recorded!

Great job ladies!

Warm Up


15 Sumo Squat Stretches

10 Push Ups OYO

Quick Jog around the volleyball area

Circuit Thang

6 exercises completed = 1 Round

Six stations were noted – each with an exercise that increased by 10 reps. 25 Minutes total AMRAP

Station 1

10 Burpees with a Push Up

Station 2

20 Alternating squats with kickbacks (20/ea side)

Station 3

30 Tricep Dips

Station 4

40 Jumping Jacks

Station 5

50 High Knees

Station 6

60 Mountain Climbers


Sniper Crawl (modify with a bear crawl only when needed) halfway across the field

Alternating Lunges back to the start line

Circle Up…Name-o-Rama

Prayer Requests


Remember that no AO’s will be meeting on school campuses Monday! Go to the FIA Lexington Facebook page to see the details of who will meet at what location!


Deuteronomy 28:28-29

Perhaps this verse is the first hint at an eclipse in the Bible. In it’s context, it’s a reminder of what happens when we don’t obey the Lord or the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It’s a reminder that it’s not good to be blind at midday. What in the world does that mean?? Well, what this boils down to is that if we disobey God we will be blind to our hope and won’t be able to see our purpose and direction. Sometimes we allow things ($, things, relationships) to block our view of God’s light in our lives. And when this happens, God’s light that should essentially shine through us, is hindered to those around us.

So as you view the Eclipse (Safely!) tomorrow and see first hand the Moon block the Sun for a brief time, put this display into your mind as a reminder…don’t let anything get in the way or block the view of God’s light shining through you. I’m a living example of someone who had never gone to a church, picked up a Bible, or listened to a sermon. And at the age of 21, I simply SAW the light of Jesus shining through someone and I knew that’s what I needed in my life. The rest is history 🙂


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