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April 13, 2019
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April 14, 2019

Bending in the Rain

  • When: 04/14/2019
  • Q: Chick-fil-A
  • Pax: Titanium, Holy Toledo, Edward, Chopsticks, Taz, Mud

Well, it was cold and rainy but 7 pax made it through a pilates inspired workout that had our legs on fire! We made sure to spend a little extra time stretching out those hips and quads at the end.

We also may burned a few extra calories giggling at the names of some of these exercises.

Great job ladies!

The Thang:
  • Warmed up with a few sun salutations.
  • Went into the first set 90 seconds each, no rest between exercises.
  1. Inch Worm with push-up
  2. Mountain Climbers 
  3. One leg Inch Worm (Right leg up)
  4. Chair pose with one arm circles (right arm)
  5. One leg Inch Worm (Left leg up)
  6. Chair pose with one arm circles (Left arm)
  7. Chair pose with squat with squats while squeezing elbows in and out 
  8. Lateral hops from side to side 
  • Butt Blaster (60 seconds each- completed one side then repeated for other side):
  1. Triangle Butt
  2. Forearm Circle Butt
  3. U Butt
  4. I Butt 
  • Thigh Ladder- 1 rep each up to 5 each
    1. Froggers- heels together toes out
    2. Sideways Scissors
    3. Leg Circles (Right)
    4. Windshield wipers (Right)
    5. Leg Circles (Left)
    6. Windshield Wipers (Left)
  • Deep stretch series for quads and hips

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