Playgrounds and pushups
June 9, 2018
We Fancy Backblast – Channeling Rocky 6/9/2018
June 9, 2018

  • When: 06/09/2018
  • Q: Glitter Bomb
  • Pax: Pepper, Coach, and FNGs Shaker (Faith), Sunshine (Jenny), CareBear (Cara), Firecracker (Melanie), Smiley (Patty), Carbo (Michelle), Tooth Fairy (Jamie), Fashionista (Meredith), GG (Lindsey), Homestead (Laura)

Three PAX and ten FNGs came out for Bear Creek’s launch day! It was hot, humid, and they worked hard! This bunch is going to do great things in the coming weeks, months, and years!

FiA of the Pines (Glitter Bomb and Pepper) broke them in with a “Glutes and Ladders” workout.

Warm Up

Ladder 1 (11s): Jumping Jacks and Pushups


1 minute curtsy lunge left

1 minute stationary butt kicker left

1 minute skaters

1 minute curtsy lunge right

1 minute stationary butt kicker right

Ladder 2 (11s): Star Jumps and Mountain Climbers


Rainbow glute + pulse

Donkey kick + pulse

Fire hydrant + kick

Other side

Ladder 3 (11s): jump squats and raggedy anns



Ended a bit early to name everyone, do name-a-rama, and COT with a prayer by Coach.

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