Backblast for We Fancy 6/2
June 3, 2018
Who brought bug spray?
June 3, 2018

beach access four corners

  • When: 06/02/2018
  • Q: Chowda
  • Pax: Taxi, Dixie, Teacher's Pet, Native, Fixer, Pickleback

I’ve been on a mosey kick and had the Q three times in a row (at different AO’s, but still…the June Q calendar has a lot of slots open, just saying). I think people were sick of my moseying – that’s ok – I know you all will come to love a good mosey one day. Practice makes perfect, right? And! That’s another reason to sign up to Q. You can plan whatever you’d like without a mosey. I wasn’t feeling very creative, but sometimes the best workouts are the ones where you keep it simple with basic moves. I decided to revisit the bridge to bridge beach access four corners mosey with simple, effective exercises. Here’s what went down:

Quick warm-up: 25 ic Jumping Jacks ( Poor Native stepped in a fire ant mound, so we did some squat front kicks while she cleaned out her shoe. Thankfully, she didn’t get bit!)

And! We’re off. Run over the first bridge to the first beach access up onto the beach.

At every beach access on the sand, we did an ab move. Then we did an exercise at the top of the access, ran down the street, did another exercise at the end on the sidewalk, ran over to the next street and did an exercise on the sidewalk, ran up the street towards the beach and completed a fourth exercise. Rinse and repeat until we reached the last street before the second bridge. Run back to the park.

Here are the exercises we did:

  • Corner 1 – 10 Push ups
  • Corner 2 – 10 Squats
  • Corner 3 – 20 LBC’s
  • Corner 4 – 20 Heels to Heaven

Ab exercises in between each beach access were:

  • Hillbillies
  • High Plank
  • High Plank Punches
  • Low Plank
  • Low Plank Swivel Dips

We made it through six times, seven would have us at the last street before the bridge (there are thirteen streets, so we almost finished!!!).  We were concerned with the time, so we finished the last two corner exercises back to back with out running up and over on the street (Taxi may have gone back to finish that street after the workout). We have done this style of workout three times and this was the first time that we made it five and six rounds!

As I said on Slack, this was another workout where I was reminded of some of the benefits of this group: strength, support, dedication, diversity. It is amazing to be a part of a group that has people of all different ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds. We are all growing and face challenges at different times.  You will always have someone by your side, supporting you, encouraging you.

Much respect for you all.




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