BB: Schoolhouse Rocks the Fit test results!

Genesis Backblast: Don’t Skip Leg Day Brah
May 19, 2016
May 19, 2016

BB: Schoolhouse Rocks the Fit test results!

  • When: 05/16/2016
  • Q: Chiquita
  • Pax: Blue Bell, Gator, Sailor, Perky, Steelers, Animal, Producer, Chiquita (Q)

8 Lovely FiA’s showed up in the gloom for a little throwback to grammar school fit test!


25 Jumping Jacks

15 IC Toy Soldiers

10 IC Windmills

Arm circles, little and big ones!

Butt kickers

High knees

The Fit Test: (I had asked in the preblast for people to have their garmins or other devices to help them measure and time a mile)

Part 1:

1 Mile Run for time. This was a you v you and everyone rocked it out!

Mosey over to the playground where part 2 took place:

AMRAP in 1 minute of the following exercises:


Situps (elbows to thighs) with partner holding feet.

Assisted pullups with band

Wall sit as long as you can, timed, no limit.

So…a few people did not get to do the pullups and the wall sit so those results are incomplete but the rest of the test everyone completed. How did we do?

Animal 8:24 mile/37 pushups/42 situps/4:12 wall sit! (need pullup score)

Sailor 9:50 mile/28 pushups/31 situps/19 assisted pullups (need wall sit time)

Chiquita 10:01 mile/41 pushups/44 situps/3:27 wall sit (need pullup score)

Perky 10:02 mile/39 pushups/20 situps/3:47 wall sit (need pullup score)

Blue Bell 10:32 mile/40 pushups/35 situps/5:00 wall sit!!!!! (need pullup score)

Gator 11:07 mile/30 pushups/20 Situps/3:12 wall sit/15 assisted pullups

Steelers 12:21/25 pushups/28 situps/12 assisted pullups (need wall sit time)

Producer 🙁 (silly knee, we know you can rock out a mile or 5!) 26 pushups/26 situps/6 pullups

Per the chart I found online compared to an 11 year old girl:

One mile run: 9:02

Pushups: 19 (they listed this as the “right angle pushups” which I’m not sure if we were doing it like that?)

Situps: 42

Pullups: 3 unassisted

The Skinny:

This was really fun to see where we are in our fitness and I’m excited to repeat this test in a few months to see if we’ve improved on our scores. T-claps to Animal for being our rabbit on the mile run…we were not surprised to see you finish first! (I’m thinking one of these relay groups are going to be tapping you for a spot at some point!) Perky we are so glad you have joined us…you’ve just started with FiA but are already rocking out some great numbers! Proud of everyone that showed up and encouraged others to push hard!




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