Diva Back Blast 5/22/18
May 22, 2018
Two make One; one mile that is.
May 22, 2018

BB Rainy FriYay

  • When: 05/18/2018
  • Q: Baby Mama
  • Pax: Fiber, Thimble, Sister Wife

Warm Up:

10-Cherry Pickers IC, 10 Toy Soldiers, 10 sec arm circles front/back

The thang:

8-30 sec high intensity intervals w/10 second rest per round for 6 rounds.

1-push-ups, 2-bridge w/chest press, 3-fire-hydrants, 4-shoulder taps, 5-squat and lift a weight, 6-dead lifts

The push-up round was super intense!

3 minute ab burnout incorporating regular crunches, scissors, flutter kicks, reverse crunch, jack knives, & bicycles

Closed w/ prayer

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