BB Parking Lot Countdown

The one where Sally made an appearance
May 7, 2018
Back to the Gridiron – Take 2
May 7, 2018

BB Parking Lot Countdown

  • When: 05/03/2018
  • Q: Keys
  • Pax: Two-Step, Sifter, Salsa, Pom-Pom, Chip

6 PAX braved a Keys beat down on quite possibly the warmest workout this year!

Cherry Pickers
Toy Soldiers
Jumping Jacks

“Parking Lot Countdown”
Reps counting down from 10 to 1.

Round 1:
Burpee(s) at top of parking space
Side jump zig zag down line
Pushup(s) on block
Front to back zig zag back down line
(Repeat 10xs decreasing in reps)

Round 2:
Mountain Climber(s)
Side squats down line
Tricep dips on block
Lunges back down line
(Repeat 10xs decreasing in reps)

Partner Run:
-Begin running opposite one another around .40 mile track
-Once partners meet, complete following exercise set…
10 Shoulder Taps
20 Jump Squats
30 Calf Raises
*Repeat once*



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