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September 21, 2018
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September 21, 2018

BB: Iron Maiden

  • When: 09/21/2018
  • Q: Main Line
  • Pax: Aloha, Gouda, Real Deal, Commodore, Guinevere, Savvy, Xenia Warrior Princess,

What a fun morning! 7 PAX joined me for a butt-kicker workout. I know I’ll be sore tomorrow because I was already sore by the time I was getting home. As I was creating the workout, I tried to focus on new exercises or fun spins on our some of our favorite exercises. Thanks to Carrie Underwood for some leg exercises and some instagram accounts for the arm/chest focused parts. So, heres’s what went down:

Warm up: 30 seconds each — toy soldiers, arm rotations, mountain climbers and Jax.

Run down greenway to plaza area with rocks for circuit 1.

  • Squat circuit: Squat position, one leg back, lunge, back to squat position, squat, other leg back, lunge. Repeat 10x.
  • 10 decline push ups
  • bicycles

Run to clock tower for circuit 2.

  • Squat. Kick out one leg to side. Squat, then other leg. 10x per leg.
  • 10 decline push ups
  • squat/kick out circuit again
  • 10 decline push ups
  • vertical toe touches.

Run back to rock area. Repeat circuit 1.

Run to Target. Stop near bus stop. Repeat circuit 2.

Head to Target entrance area.

  • 10 cross fit push up into Superwoman
  • 5 pull ups on handrails.
  • Then 9/6, 8/7, 7/8, 6/9.
  • Run down stairs toward greenway. Walking lunges.

Last circuit.

  • 10 seconds pulsing squats. 3 sec off. Repeat x4.
  • Grab a rock. 10 triceps extensions. 10 bicep curls. Repeat 2 more times.
  • Run back to lot for crunches, sit ups, back press ups.


  • Commodore during the push ups/pull up circuit… “Um, that’s a lot.” Xenia responds, “I see where this is headed…”
  • G showing up her new car that has (wait for it…….) a BUTT MASSAGER! We will all be taking turns.
  • Oh, and all of us miraculously having Carrie Underwood legs by the end of the workout as a result of doing her leg circuits. Bam! It’s amazing how fast it can happen HA!!!

Thanks to the crew for coming out! You made my day — hope I made yours and if not, hopefully you’re at least sore.

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  1. Guinevere says:

    What confounds me is that we “only” ran 1.9 miles but I felt like I was hit by a truck. Well done.

    X:WP is a smart one – can’t get much past her these days. Totally relieved we didn’t do true 15’s there. No bueno.

    I’m just perpetually driving around the city w my bum massaged now. Let me know if I can run any errands for anyone.

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