BB: Cupid Shuffle, Wild West Style

BB Wild west
February 10, 2018
Billy Joel backblast: 67 floors later…
February 10, 2018

BB: Cupid Shuffle, Wild West Style

  • When: 02/10/2018
  • Q: Keys
  • Pax: Stroller, Picker, Digits, Foxy Momma, Crop, Sparks, FNG Sunflower

It was a soggy, cool morning but we got it done!

8 brave PAX showed up for a Keys beatdown. I grossly underestimated the difficulty of our routine! 😛

Warm Up:
Cherry Pickers 10 IC
Toy Soldiers 10 IC
Jumping Jacks 10 IC


We began with a parking space routine:
Round 1:
Burpee (no pushup) at bottom of line
Side zig zag hops over the line to top
Pushup at the block
Front to back zig zag line hops back
*repeat adding a rep each time to 10
(55 total burpees and pushups!)

Round 2:
Mountain climber at bottom of line
Side squats down line
Tricep dip at the block
Lunges back
*repeat adding a rep each time to 10
(55 total mountain climbers and tricep dips!)

Partner Run:
Partners began running opposite one another on .40 mile track
Once the pair met, they did this set:
10 Shoulder taps
20 Jump squats
30 Calf raises
Rinse and repeat

Mosey to covered shelter (for acoustics!)
An early Valentine’s Day treat awaited us…
<3 CUPID SHUFFLE - PLANK STYLE <3 (Who knew 4 minutes of plank dancing would be so tough!) In plank form, right foot taps out to side 4 times, then left 4 times Alternating kicks upwards 4 times then 4 mountain climbers (to song lyrics) *There may or may not have been several "breaks" We finished up with a solid round of standing oblique work. 20 Hillbillies 20 Sumo squat side crunches 20 Squat leg lift twists 20 Standing side bends **Repeat all obliques again but with 10 reps each Devo- Holy Spirit, you are welcome here! Name-o-Rama (Welcome FNG Sunflower!) COT FiA Lenoir The Wild West Gamewell Park

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