BB Air Raid: We went down and back up again

Jerribou 6.13.18 Pre-blast
June 12, 2018
Comet Preblast – Keep Pushing
June 12, 2018

BB Air Raid: We went down and back up again

  • When: 06/12/2018
  • Q: Sista
  • Pax: Madtown, Mountain Mama, Flash, Stat, Slack, Growler, Firecracker, Whistle

We sure enjoyed the cool summer early morning today! Definitely beats the humidity we’ve been experiencing!

This was a great workout that I am already feeling (coupled with Spokes’ beat down at Lions Den yesterday):

Warm-up: cherry pickers IC and squat with high knee raise

1 lap around track exiting at basketball court

Ladder workout:

100 jumping jacks

90 Raggedy Ann’s

80 lunges (40/side)

70 mountain climbers

60 second plank

50 LBC’s

40 high knees

30 fire hydrants

20 squat jumps

10 burpees

Push-up/plank ladder:

6 push-ups/10 second plank

5 push-ups/10 second plank

4 push-ups/10 second plank

3 push-ups/10 second plank

2 push-ups/10 second plank

1 push-up/10 second plank

Run up and down stairs 3x’s (choice of tall set of stairs or stairs/ramp)

5 burpees

10 squat jumps

15 fire hydrants

20 high knees

25 LBC’s/25 left side LBC’s/25 right side LBC’s

30 second plank

35 mountain climbers

40 lunges (20/side)

45 Raggedy Ann’s

50 jumping jacks

Partner suicide/monkey humpers x3 (one partner completes suicide while other partner does monkey humpers)

Run back to parking lot

Tequila taps 30/side

Ankle biters 30/side

Ended with this thought: As we live day-by-day, pulled in a thousand different directions, may we be intentional. Let us look back and know that when our loved ones saw us coming, our presence was refreshing. We often think that a loving gesture has to big or over the top. Consider one small way to tell your loved ones what you love about them.

​Thank you ladies for joining me this morning! I am so thankful to be a part of this FIA community. 

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  1. Spokes says:

    Holy smokes that was a lot in 45 mins!!

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