Bands Burnout
May 19, 2018
A Royal Welcome Week Workout
May 19, 2018

Band Together

  • When: 05/16/2018
  • Q: Taz
  • Pax: Sunrise, Cupid, Schwartzy, Allegro, Niptuck, Swank, Nitro, Dr Dolittle, Zen, Nurse Ratchet, Chic Fil A, Java, Double Shot, Tree Hugger, Pele

This morning was a beautiful morning to spend getting #strongertogether at the Colisseum. 15 Pax joined me (Taz) to get our strength on and enjoy the great start to the day.

Started with:
25 jumping jacks in cadence
10 burpees
lap around the lot

Then, we grabbed our resistance bands (some were super interesting to use!) and lined up in 2 lines across from one another and did some moves: (after each move we moved the line down on one side so everyone got a new partner each time!)
tricep pulls
bicep curls
chest presses with partner pulling for resistance
frog jumps
see-saw jump squats

Hit the mats for some resistance band push-ups and partner leg raise/crossovers (thank gawd nobody had a camera on us!)
Ran another lap
Did the first 4 exercises with bands again
Ran a lap
Then kept the two lines, held planks as a group, while the person at the end came and did agility jumps over the PAX members’ legs, then dropped down into plank at the end while the next person got started. Planks could be done in any method necessary.
Ran a lap
Last move was 11’s using squats and star jumps.

Ended in COT, prayers and intentions. Great start to the day. I felt so hectic the entire time til we came together in the sweaty circle. Thanks for bearing with me even through the crazy moves!

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