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June 6, 2018
30/30 Plank
June 6, 2018

Ballet Barre on the Bridge

  • When: 06/06/2018
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  • Pax: Strokin and Glamo

We may be few but we were mighty dancers this morning. Ok, not so much dancers but we took some staple exercises and gave them a ballet twist. There were definitely some shakes and quakes happening in my legs as we did this exercise adapted from the Barre3 Ballet Boot Camp video. Oh, and we did get a holler from truck passing under the bridge so we must have looked pretty good doing our thang. 😉

Warm Up

  • Laced fingers forward bend
  • Laced fingers back stretch
  • Neck rolls
  • Wide squats with arm raises

The Thang – each exercise was performed for 1 minute with a 10 sec hold between each move (unless hold isn’t noted then there wasn’t one)

Arms – optional weights

  • Tricep Kickback Lunge Pulses – a tricep kickback done in a lunge where you straighten your legs as you extend your arms.
  • Hold with legs and arms extended
  • Plie Twist – with feet together and legs bent extend each arm out to its side to twist and back to center.
  • Hold at center
  • Tricep Kickback Lunge Pulses and Hold on opposite side
  • Plie Bicep Curls – with feet together (optional heels raised) raise and lower legs as you curl.


  • Stationary Back Lunge Pulses
  • Hold with legs extended
  •  Stationary Back Lunge Pulses and Hold on opposite side
  • Narrow Squat Pulse – using a mini exercise core ball place it between your thighs and make mini squats
  • Hold with legs bent pressing thighs into the ball
  • Attitude Press – with your knee bent and foot touching thigh lift your leg without straightening and bring bag to tap thigh. Option to lift arm above head and lower to in front of you. Hold barre (bridge railing) for balance as necessary.
  • Hold with leg bent back and arm extended
  • Attitude Press and Hold on opposite side
  • Flat Back Fold Pulse – hinging at hips to a table top position slightly bend and straighten legs while keeping back flat. Option to raise one arm at a time from barre for a twist.

Abs and Glutes

  • Fondu Press – similar to Attitude press only with leg extending behind you.
  • Hold with leg and arm extended
  • Fondu Press and Hold opposite side
  • Weighted Russian Twists – place mini ball at tail bone, sink back into ball to create a belly scoop, and really work to control moving each arm out to its side and bringing back to center
  • Scissor Kicks – place mini ball under your bum, lift legs in the air, and kick
  • Hold with legs as perpendicular to the floor as you can

Cool Down

Stretched as each pax saw best while reading the devo and taking prayer request.


Inspirational Quotes: Colossians 3:2 and 1 Corinthians 10:31

Have you ever watched dancers? They seem to forget the world around them and focus only on the music (and partner if they are couple dancing). They follow the beat never missing a step; they look beautiful, graceful, and make it look effortless. In life we are often hit with so many distractions that we forget to really listen to the music and lose sight of our partner the Creator of music. We may go through the motions of reading our Bible, teaching a Sunday school, getting the day to day done but we’ve lost our focus. What should be an intimate surrender becomes rote behavior with little value, but when I focus on my Creator and let Him lead me everything becomes beautiful, graceful, and seemingly effortless.

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