Cool Morning… but Not for Long
May 15, 2019
Ready for a good ‘flippin’ workout?!?
May 15, 2019

BackBlast Steel Magnolias

  • When: 05/15/2019
  • Q: Happy Camper
  • Pax: Firecraker, Solo, Rooney, The Goat, Saffron, Pearl, Little Ray, Speedy, Real Deal, Man Mama, Popeye, Threads, Aloha, Trooper, Cash Money, Happy Camper

So 11’s might have been a little much.  Will need to modify the number of reps on some of those exercises.  We were very heavy on the arms today, with the exception of that one killer leg lifts. I could cry doing those.  This is what we got through…

11’s + Some

Warm up: 5 mins

Run Point A to B

5   Burpees

20 Jacks

20Mtn. Climbers



Main Set 11’s

10/1 – push up & tricep extensions

10/1 – squats & shoulder press

10/1 – boat canoe abs & sitted bicep curls

4/1 – Suicides & plank 15 sec * X

10/1 – right glute (straight leg tap across and back down vs straight leg straight up)

10/1 – left glute (see above)

10/1 – chest/fly on back

10/1 – Full weighted sit up & sitted hammer Bicep curls

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