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May 15, 2018
The Woods – Countdown
May 15, 2018

Backblast: Retail Therapy – Happy to be Home!

  • When: 05/15/2018
  • Q: Bewitched
  • Pax: Journey, Free Range, Spirit Fingers, Native, Lavender, Atomic, Bewitched

6 amazing ladies joined me at Retail Therapy this morning.  Here is what we did:


10 Butt kickers

10 Strawberry Pickers

10 Imperial Storm Troopers 



Run to the middle of the parking lot

Quadraphilla back



HIIT Intervals:  45 secs, 15 rest


1.  Jumping Jacks

2.  Mountain Climbers

3.  Summo Squats

4.  Burpees

5.  Bird Dog

6.  Half Burpees

7.  Donkey Kicks

8.  Lunges 

9.  Jump Squats

10.      Push ups

11.      Speed Skater

12.         Apple Picker


Run around parking lot

Another HIIT set



1.   Plank

2.   Bicycle Crutches

3.   LBCs

4.   Scissors

5.   Commandos – start at elbow plank, then up to push up position – up and down

6.   WWII sit-ups

7.    Side Plank Rotation – switching arms up and down

8.   Alternating Supermans

9.   Glute Bridges


Moleskin:  It was a warm start to the day and we quickly broke a sweat trying the HIIT workout I found online.  Probably not new, but a cool twist on a Retail Therapy favorite – Tabata.  I can’t believe I put sprints in the warm up – I’m not sure why I thought that was a good idea?  Journey was on fire this morning! Awesome job leading on the sprints!!  And as the workout was coming to a close with abs, we took a moment to admire the beautiful pink and blue sky of our sunrise.  What a great way to start the day.  Thank you for allowing me to lead and still showing up!

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