Pre-Blast: Diva Run on #GivingTuesday (11/29)
November 28, 2016
Girls Goat Hill Gauntlet
November 29, 2016

Backblast: Posting in NOLA

  • When: 11/26/2016
  • Q: Wheels
  • Pax: Lone Star, Keys, Wheezie, SMCChick and Wheels

What a fun treat it was to share part of our Thanksgiving getaway to the Big Easy with the newly launched FiA NOLA region! City Park in NOLA is such a wonderful public park, from the moment Spokes and I connected, I was excited to see what we could find for the 45-minute Saturday workout!

We started with a quick FiA welcome and introduction then launched in to our warm-up…in cadence (IC):
– 15 jumping jacks
– 15 imperial walker
– 20 butt kickers
Warm-up lap around Great Lawn (0.25 miles)

LADDER TIME: 11’s on the platform
Exercises: burpees and jumping lungees (each leg)
– Total of 60 reps for each exercise
– Total of 0.65 miles (yes, just running back-and-forth on the platform!)

AB TIME: Whistle 8 and Wheels Cycle
– 10 reps of each ab position on Q’s count…
Crunch, flat leg, legs bent, legs in the air, legs at right angle, side crunches both side, full sit-up
– Bicycle Crunches — 100 reps
On Q’s Count — went from single count to double and triple time back to half time and then back up

– 15 Raggedy Anns (IC)
– 20 Tricep Dips (IC)

COOL DOWN – Stretch and Chat:
We covered 1.15 miles and performed countless exercises — all while never leaving the Great Lawn area! Before parting ways, we shared thoughts on what FiA has already brought to the lives of these women and what is still to come. It was great to hear there are already 3 weekly workouts in NOLA — including a running group — and that the exciting is growing too. It is always such a wonderful feeling knowing that the fellowship created with others, in the wee hours of the morning is a result of us sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. Thank you FiA NOLA for allowing me the opportunity to workout with you! I hope to visit with you again…and maybe even see you in Charlotte or at another region!

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