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April 4, 2019
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April 4, 2019

Backblast: Old School Thelma (track)

  • When: 04/04/2019
  • Q: Wheels
  • Pax: Batman, Petrulli, Rooney Skinner, Stringbean, Touch, Whistle (and Wheels)

When we run distance miles, we can sometimes fall in to bad habits as we pound against the pavement, not thinking about our whole body or any form adjustments we may need.

Track is a great opportunity to get back to basics…so we went old school with today’s track workout adding some plyometric exercises and basic core and arm exercises in between race-paced 1/2 mile repeats. Keep in mind as you cover miles that your core and arms are stabilizing and pushing you forward!

2 warm-up laps
Stretch and go over workout

2 laps at 5k pace
1 lap: run straightaways, grapevine turns
<<15 sit-ups>>

2 laps 10k pace
1 lap: run straightaways, backwards jog turns
<<10 pushups>>
2 laps 5k pace
1 lap: run straightaways, side shuffle turns
<<20 tricep dips (IC)>>
2 laps “push yourself” pace
1 lap: run straightaways, high knees/skip turns
<<20 abs and plank>>
It was great to run with this group this morning; we covered 3.8-4 miles and completed a mini workout in the process. Even if you couldn’t join us, please consider adding a dynamic track workout to your general training plan; your legs, arms, and core will appreciate it.
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